Excited to announce the the release of my new book, He Lost His Baby Too.

I wrote this book specifically for fathers grappling with the unbearable aftermath of losing a baby. It is all too easy for a bereaved father to succumb to a haunting sense of isolation after such a loss. However, within these pages lies a lifeline—a survival guide infused with wisdom, providing a roadmap through the complicated path of grief.

In the wake of a tragic loss—whether it be a miscarriage, a stillbirth, or the untimely passing of an infant—this invaluable resource unravels the layers of anguish that overwhelm grieving fathers. Written by a grieving dad, this book offers unflinching honesty and poignant insight, it also delves into the raw pain that accompanies such a profound loss, assuring these men that their emotions, however overwhelming, are both valid and shared by others who have walked a similar path.

If you or anyone you know has lost a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth or infant death, you will want to read this book.

Order your copy today by clicking this link!

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  • John O'Malley

    Hi Kelly. I just ordered this for my son in law who lost his baby Saylor to stillbirth last year. I read your first book after loosing my 26 year old son to an overdose in 2008. I still wear the Grieving Dad wrist band I got from you. Loosing our granddaughter to stillbirth was as difficult as loosing our son. Thank you for doing all you do for us grieving dads. It’s much appreciated.
    John O’Malley

    • Hey John. Great to see your name again. I am sorry for the loss of your granddaughter. I hope the book can be a good resource for your son-in law and you. Wishing you peace!