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  • Jon Farris

    EXCELLENT piece, Kelly! It doesn’t matter how old your kids were, their loss is unimaginable. I’m +11 years now, and I still cry regularly. I deal with the pain, but it’s always there inside of me.

  • Jim Santucci

    Fantastic Kelly. Thanks for all you do to help dads.

    • You are welcome Jim! Glad you liked the piece. I was really happy with the final product. Very cool experience. Hope all is well my friend!

  • Don Begier


    You and your wife did a tremendous job in this piece. Thank you for continuing to carry the torch for grieving dads. This was timely as I have been dreading the holiday season. Peace to you and all the grieving dads here!


    • Thanks Don! I am still in awe as to the attention this issue has gotten over the years since I started the mission. Grieving dads continues to grow and receive the attention they deserve. Peace. Kelly