Mother’s Day Dread

Mother’s Day for me is just as hard as Father’s Day, but for different reasons. It is always difficult for me to see my wife struggle with not being a mother to a living child.

Her only experience with being a mother is the loss of two babies. I know it’s something she thinks about every day. We both try to move through our days wishing for something different, something more meaningful than regular “life” stuff.

We both know something is missing but we know we can’t change it, so we do it again tomorrow.

We go through the motions and most days, that’s enough. But Mother’s Day isn’t one of those days.

Mother’s Day is generally a somber day. We try to stay away from all of the Mother’s in the neighborhood that are excited about the break they “deserve” when their husband takes the kids for the day. I know they come from a different perspective, but that doesn’t mean we want any part of it. In fact, we find it annoying. We would love to spend the day with our children.

As a dad and a husband, I have no idea how to handle this day. Acknowledgement of the obvious with a hug or a day of celebration with a simple gift? Seems weird to me to tell someone “Happy Mother’s Day” when we both know it isn’t.

As we approach the dreaded “day,” I want to wish all grieving moms (and dads) a Peaceful Mother’s Day.




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