Brotherhood – Support Needed

I was recently contacted by a caregiver for a family that recently lost a 10-year old son/sibling to cancer. The father is not doing well, and the family is in dire need of assistance. As grieving dads, we know the stress and pain that is placed on us as part of this journey. The pressure to be strong, the pillar of strength, protect the family and the pressure to provide for the family. It’s relentless.

Most stories I receive are heartbreaking, and this one is no different. However, it is different because the family is in desperate need of assistance to provide all types of support. The father has been hospitalized since the death of his son due a mild heart attack. The father remains dispondent in grief as he has lost his son and it doesn’t appear that his wife will be able to arrive to the US in time for his son’s burial.

I request that you read the rest of the story at the link below and if you can help a fellow grieving brother, please do.



Read the rest of the story here.




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