Lost It All

Hopes and dreams laid aside
Gifts unopened, tears undried
A life of promise, so much to fill
How could this be, my God’s will?

So much unsaid, so much love to give
From us both if you had lived
Talks and advice I would love to share
Of things on which we both did care

Life and love, all things to attend
Baseball, music, being with friends
So many things that you could be
My life I would give for you to see

My greatest fear was to lose my son
Now I’ve lost him my fear has gone
There’s nothing left for me to fear
I’ve lost the one I held so dear

The worst is over, the horror is past
The thing I feared most has happened at last
No more do I worry…no more do I care
Nothing can hurt when a heart isn’t there

I’ve been through hell and survived somehow
Nothing else can touch me now
There’s nothing to fear of life to come
I lost it all when I lost my son

Written by:
Wade Greenlee


Photo Credit: solapi Flickr via Compfight cc

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User Comments ( 8 )

  • Patti LeBlanc

    Beautiful words from a grieving Dad. We often forget that Dad’s grieve and it is different from women.

  • Patrick

    Wade couldn’t have put it in words any better for me. He must feel as ripped off as I do. Such deep emotions that are hard to reduce to words but he’s nailed it. Whatever your loss contains I’m so sorry my brother. I’m so with you. Missing my 23 year old youngest son with every weak breath I have left. While waiting for him to come home for a Sunday cookout I get the dreaded call. There is a new life to live now. One that I relate to hell. Once a proud father reduced to a grieving dad who feels there’s little left to live for.

  • Evelyn Sprague

    Wade, This is so heartfelt and raw. Your writings are amazing. I can feel your pain in this. I have followed you through your grief journey. You have come a long way to find some form of peace but having loved and lost, I know we never complete our journey here on this earth. We will never be whole again until our Heavenly reunion. My hope is that these beautiful writings that you do for Brookes somehow softens your pain with each stoke of the pen.

  • Tina Cain

    I can so relate, I lost my daughter and grand baby . I use to write a lot and since they have gone I can’t seem to do anything.My condolences and thanks .

  • Ron

    Our 20 year old son passed from this earth on 3/20/16. He died in his sleep. This truly is the worst thing any parent could possibly endure. I know he’s now waiting a time with patience until we meet at Jesus’ feet.

    Our son is not dead, he’s only a sleeping
    Just patiently waiting for Jesus to come
    The birds will be singing while Our son is sleeping
    They will sing o’er as the grave sinks away…

  • Michael Lopez

    This hit hard, thank you for sharing. It will be a year February 14th that my son passed in a motorcycle accident and not a moment has passed or breath taken, that I haven’t missed him…


    • Freddie Flohr

      Hello Michael,
      I also lost a Boy on February 14th, I try to find some peace in that loosing him on Valentines Day was a sign that GOD took him straight to Heaven. I also pray that this day, even though very tough, may also be a sign to you that your Son is also in his arms. May God be with us both my friend as we continue on this journey hoping some day to be back with our Boys!! Take care of yourself Michael, February’s are tough to get through, just thought I’d let you know you are not alone!!

  • Charles Hanson

    Absolutely heartbreaking. Yet so true.