Not Broken

You say that I am broken,
I’m changed,
with that I will disagree.
It’s actually my world that is broken,
please let me explain,
and you will see.

Imagine for a moment,
your world is suddenly changed,
Left is right, Up is down,
your life has been re-arranged

You’ve stepped through a door,
it will happen in a blink,
You’re still the same man,
it’s the world that’s not in sync.

Try as you may,
you are unable to return.
The world that you once knew,
become dreams that you yearn.

You must stay in this new life,
into which you have woken.
So you see it’s not me that has changed, It’s my world that is broken.

Leif Kelly (2016)



Photo Credit: Bo Dudas Flickr via Compfight cc

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User Comments ( 2 )

  • Don Begier

    This so captures the world we all woke up in when we found out our children died. Peace to all of you!

  • Dana Moore

    I need to hear that today. Beautiful.