PLEASE SHARE ON ALL OF YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA OUTLETS. One of many quotes from the 100’s of grieving dads I interviewed for my book. This one is so very true, I DO NOT want to know of anything worse.


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  • Kevin

    I could not agree more. What hurts more is that 90% of the people of the people around me have moved on and cannot acknowledge what we have been through. Since day one my concern was always that my child would be forgotten . Now when I see people I feel I am a reminder of something negative, death. The uneasy niceties that I endure just suck. I wish people could/would acknowledge it. I lost a child – I do not have a communicable disease. You can’t catch it – Your kids will be OK. Just do me a favor tell me or acknowledge that yo DO remember. I will never forget. #nothingworse

    Thanks Kelly – Appreciate your efforts to remind me that I am not completely lost my mind.

    Peace to you and your wife ~

    • Thanks bother. You are correct, we are not contagious. However, I think its more of a reminder of what could happen to them and their child and that scares the hell out of them. I get it. It should.