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  • Jon Farris

    Hey Kelly,
    I like the new video blog. Great stuff!

  • Dana Moore


    I want to thank you for opening up a forum where we, men who have lost children, can openly discuss our pain. It was just over a year ago that I sought out your website, because I was out of my mind with grief after the loss of my son, Sean. Last winter was especially hard. He was my only child. I have gone through endless days of grief, solitude, disbelief, fear, and prayer. But it was critical to establish this connection. It was a very necessary starting point for me, and I’ve followed up with much reading and therapy. The most critical thing I got out of it all is that you need to grieve in your own way and time. God bless.

  • Joe Gatlin

    Ebb and flow of grief , especially child loss can be so hard manage . Thank you Kelly for the idea to rate your days . I’ve been doing that and it helps remind me that even though most of my days are hard , I still have good days or good moments . That gives me hope that despite my situation , I’m still afloat and still kicking .