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  • Steve Platt

    Thanks Kelly. It’s been 6 years since I lost my 30 year old daughter Jeanne. It was horrific for the first 2 years. I am still on some medications I started back then. But it has moved to a point of not being so acute. I don’t cry very much now. But I feel a bit guilty because I don’t. I am 64 and we are planning to retire in 3 years or so. I am fearful that with lots of time to myself I might fall into a depression. One of my biggest enemies is constant rumination. I know it’s better now than before. I want it to be 100% better. Or do I.

    • Steve – Yeah those first 2-4 years are brutal. It doesn’t help when you fight the pain for a 1-2 years before you seek help like I did. Caused more damage that I will ever know. Great to hear that its not so acute, that is a huge milestone. One thing that has helped me and I have spoken about it in my book, find a cause and throw yourself into it. Spend time volunteering helping others will help you. It will keep your mind occupied without HAVING to get up and go to work everyday. Find the one thing that your daughter Jeanne would have had been passionate about and do it to honor her. It helps.

      Keeping fighting brother.


  • Jon Farris

    Hey Kelly,
    I like the new video blog. Great stuff!

    • Jon – Great to hear you like the vlog. I was hoping people would like it. I was having a hard time sitting down and writing content without sounding like I’ve already written about it. For some reason this is easier. I keep the iPhone tripod in my car and when I am driving and a topic/idea pops in my head I just pull over and record it while its top of mind.



  • Dana Moore


    I want to thank you for opening up a forum where we, men who have lost children, can openly discuss our pain. It was just over a year ago that I sought out your website, because I was out of my mind with grief after the loss of my son, Sean. Last winter was especially hard. He was my only child. I have gone through endless days of grief, solitude, disbelief, fear, and prayer. But it was critical to establish this connection. It was a very necessary starting point for me, and I’ve followed up with much reading and therapy. The most critical thing I got out of it all is that you need to grieve in your own way and time. God bless.

    • Dana – You are welcome for the forum. I helps me knowing it helps others. It gives me a purpose. It has to be on your own time and way, but the biggest thing is, you must do it. Running from it and ignoring it doesn’t end well for anyone. Wishing you continued growth on you journey my friend.


  • Joe Gatlin

    Ebb and flow of grief , especially child loss can be so hard manage . Thank you Kelly for the idea to rate your days . I’ve been doing that and it helps remind me that even though most of my days are hard , I still have good days or good moments . That gives me hope that despite my situation , I’m still afloat and still kicking .

    • Joe – Great to hear that tool is helping. Hang on to that hope, it will get you through the days when you don’t have any. Peace. Kelly