Grieving Mother’s Day

Most of my writings and blog posts here at Grieving Dads are geared towards men, but that doesn’t mean I don’t care about the grieving moms. I understand that they too have the same struggles, questions, and pain that us men deal with. I know this because I hear from many of the women that say my book also helped them deal with their pain.

I also see it on my wife’s face, especially as we approach Mother’s Day. She has no living children to hold, to care for, and to spend the day with. Instead, she’ll spend the day thinking about what she doesn’t have, her children alive and well.

Even though she is an incredible mom, I struggle with what to say or how to acknowledge the day. I’ve see pain she has endured and the changes she made in her life to leave the corporate world to become a teacher for special needs children. Children that rely on her and often tell her they “love her.” Although not her children, these special children feel her love and compassion for them.

I want to wish all grieving mom’s out there a peaceful Mother’s Day. I can assure you your husbands, your dads, your brothers, your boyfriends want you to get through the day with as little pain as possible.

As a very wise person once told me, “be kind to yourself” on this difficult day. Peace.



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  • Dmoore004

    That’s beautiful, Kelly…My ex-wife is in the same situation. I believe she is learning to be more kind to herself. This is a very tough time of the year, as we see the seasons change, and we see new life, but we don’t see our most beloved. Thanks just for keeping us in the loop.