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“Grieving Dad Interview”

I was recently approached by Elisabeth Stitt of Joyful Parenting Coaching who wanted to interview me for an upcoming event that she has developed called  “Let’s Hear It For The Dads!: Conversations About Fatherhood”.  The program is a series of interviews with 20 different dads on all topics related to being a dad.

I was a little concerned about the title of her business “Joyfull Parenting” because I, and most of you, cringe a little when I read those words.  We all know that there isn’t much “joy” in what we’ve all been dealing with after the loss of our child.  However, she explained to me that she wanted to get the perspective of a father that has experienced the death of a child so others will have a glimpse into the aftermath and pain of burying a child.  Being someone that feels it is my responsibility to continue to bring awareness to what grieving dads (and moms) deal with, I said I would “absolutely” do the interview.

She will be discussing fatherhood issues with me along with 19 other dads.  If you are interested in registering for the event, click  An interview a day will be emailed out.  I am sure most of the topics will be painful to listen to since most interviews are going to be about being a dad in general.  I don’t plan on listening to any of the interviews, but it you are interested in hearing my interview and perspective on being a dad, please sign up and just delete all emails until the day my interview is played.

I will also post the interview when it is officially available.



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  • Applejack76

    Hi Kelly…. Listened to your interview this morning, getting ready for work. Good to hear your voice. People’s voices are far more powerful then we think. Voices have gotten lost in the data age of blogs and text, ‘1’s and ‘0’s. Thanks for courage… to speak for ‘us’. Greg – Lily’s dad

    • Greg – Thanks for tuning in. It’s always weird to hear your own voice. It makes you think you should have said something differently or added more specifics. All in all, I’m ok with it since it gets the word out and brings more awareness to the dads.



  • Don – Thanks for the well wishes. The interview went very well. I think it was harder for the person interviewing me. I’ve gotten pretty good at telling my story without an emotional breakdown. I think most of it was released when I wrote my book since I didn’t leave to much unturned.

    I hope you’ll listen in.



  • Don Begier


    Thanks for being willing to do this. I know it will not be easy. Peace to you on the day of your interview and always!