I was contacted late last week by a research and casting company that were hired by a large national insurance company located here in the United States.  They contacted me as a result of finding my book and wanted to know if I knew of any bereaved dads that would be willing to participate in a Public Service Announcement (PSA).  The PSA is based on promoting household safety by showing others that “bad stuff” can happen.  First of all, I was honored they contacted me and secondly I was excited that they were looking for grieving dads to be apart of this campaign.

I informed them that I would post something on my blog and social media outlets to find out if there is anyone willing to be interviewed and be a part of this project.  I asked them to send me a list of household accidents that someone may have lost a child to and they provided me with the following:

  • Poisoning (drinking/eating toxic products, swallowing button batteries, carbon monoxide, medicine overdose)
  • Drowning (bathtub or pool)
  • TV or furniture tip-over
  • Driveway back-over
  • Falling (windows, stairs, etc)
  • Choking or Strangulation (window blind cords)
  • Fire and Burns (fires in homes, burns associated with grills, fire pits, etc)

All of these are horrific and if we can bring awareness to these areas of realities, we are doing a great service by helping other parents to avoid the loss of a child.

If you have had the unfortunate experience in one of these household accidents and willing to speak with this organization, please contact me by email or phone.





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