Happy Mother’s Day to Grieving Moms

Mother’s Day is another one of those Hallmark Holidays that generate excessive amounts of cute commercials of moms kissing their newborn babies toes or moms spending quality time with their family. It’s also another one of those days where I cringe every time one of those commercials come on while my wife and I are sitting there trying to enjoy some down time together. I cringe because I know these commercials/images of moms spending time with their children inflicts pain on my wife.

These perfect moments of moms with their children are things that my wife will never get to experience and they are a constant reminder that we do not have living children. A reminder that our children are dead and that as a family, we do not fit into the advertisers demographics. Most people couldn’t bear to watch a commercial that included unthinkable pain reminding people to reach out to the grieving moms during this difficult time.

I remember going into a Hallmark store a few years back to purchase a Mother’s Day card for my wife and asking the lady at the store if they had cards for moms that have lost a child. The look in her eyes was of shock and sadness and or course the answer was “I don’t think we do”. She continued to help me find something that was a little more neutral in tone.

If you know a grieving mom, reach out to her on Mother’s Day and give her a hug and let her know that the pain of this day does not go unrecognized.

Wishing all of the grieving moms a peaceful Mother’s Day!

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  • Babybarracudess

    I lost my daughter three weeks before this past mothers day. I can honestly say that aside from the day Savanna died, it was THE worst day ever. For the first time I started weeping uncontrollably. (not crying, they are different) I wore my sunglasses in church, and fled through the side doors after service to avoid anyone that wanted to comfort me. I wanted solitude, which I found, and gave up trying to control my emotions. For the rest of the day I would have brief moments in which I could breathe, only to have, in the next moment, the very air crushed from my chest by the weight of grief….and….the weeping. At the end of the second most horrible day of my life I was so emotionally exhausted that sleep came mercifully fast, and it was actual sleep, not the awake every hour casserole of nonsense looping endlessly till morning. I have had more than a few days like this since, and have learned that if I don’t try to stuff these emotions down, and just allow them to move, the grief does not take such a hold. I think that by giving myself to this heaviest of sorrows, and accepting that I will be a mess that day, that the crushing weight of my grief is a bit lighter, because I have let it flow through….As you well know, there are no words…no words ever….

  • There IS a line of cards for situations like this!! You can get them online. Made by a grieving mother

    Even though I now have two beautiful living children, mothers day will never be the same since losing my beautiful son


  • Jody – Did you read the piece? Its anything but happy. The best we can hope for on these days are a moment of peace. If you can get to that level, I would say that’s a pretty good day.


  • Jody

    “HAPPY” grieving Mothers?