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I was recently introduced to a gentleman by the name of Jonathan Pascual.  Jonathan and his wife Carrie are working on a very cool project called the STILL Project.  The STILL Project will be a feature length documentary film woven together using the stories of families who have suffered the loss of a baby to pregnancy or infant loss.  Much like my Grieving Dads book, the viewer will be given an inside look at the devastating grief as well as the persevering hope that surrounds these families.

The STILL Project takes an organic and honest approach to storytelling; which is something I believe is important.  There are enough “feel” good types support resources out there, I applaud them for telling the truth about the loss of a child, regardless of age.  As I did with the approach to my Grieving Dads book, the STILL Project will reflect a diverse group of people and circumstances while revealing the universality of isolation that results from the grief associated with this type of loss. The film will examine various causes of infant death, the availability of organized support services and the important impact that the brief lives of these babies are having on the world.  The STILL Project will also demonstrate the means by which these families have learned to cope in a society that is uncertain how to deal with infant loss.

Jonathan and Carrie live in Southern California and own a film production company.  They are the parents of Elena Rebekah, who was born pre-term and died on August 1st, 2002. They understand the pain that goes along with the loss of a child.  They also have a son, Isaiah Jonathan, who survived multiple complications and premature birth. They are the founders and former officers of The Shining Light Fund, a non-profit organization which provided tangible remembrance bracelets and resources to families who had suffered the loss of baby.

Jonathan and Carrie continue to give back to the pregnancy and infant loss community through their support of OC Walk to Remember, Forever In Our Hearts (based at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) and First Candle, a national SIDS education and support organization. They have also donated video production services to a number of non-profit and civic groups including Pediatric Therapy Network, First Book, Dig 4 Kids and the City of Torrance Centennial Committee.

Help me spread the word about the good work they are doing for all grieving families out there.  Check out the STILL Project by clicking here.

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  • Al braun

    I lost my son GABRIEL 3/5/2012 to potter’s syndrome….I am a part of 2 fb support pages…but at the risk of sounding selfish…alot of the support pages are geared toward the mom’s and not much for dad’s…so at times I feel alone….I would love to read your book….but I am not financially able to purchase it at this time….but I would greatly appriciate being any part of support or encouragement you may be able to give….I am a christian , and because of GODS grace I am able to get thru each day…..plz keep me abreast of any info or just encourageing words……thank you……AL