“Call for Guest Bloggers”

I am looking for a couple of guys that are willing to write/blog on the topic of child loss.  To keep with the style of this blog, I am looking for writers/bloggers that have an open/honest writing style.  A lot of people follow this blog because of its discussion of honest issues that have more of an edge to them.  I pride myself on the fact that this blog is not like reading a “hallmark” card.  Don’t get me wrong, there is a time a place for that.  As one grieving dad said to me “I like the fact your blog is not all about rainbows and butterflies.”  This is a very difficult journey and I think it’s important we talk about these topics so others will read them and not feel so alone in what they are feeling.  There is nothing wrong with feel good articles, I have posted several of them on this site and will continue to do so.  All I am saying is I want a healthy dose of both.  We all know the death of a child is as bad as it gets, so having honest conversations about the dark stuff is vitally important.  Although faith was an important part of my healing, I have tried to keep this blog religious neutral, meaning I want anyone and everyone looking for support after the death of a child to feel welcome here on this site.  So I ask any reference to religion be kept to a minimum.  Let me know if you would be interested in doing a monthly/quarterly blog posting.

NOTE:  Due to the strong interest by many grieving dads, I have already secured the guest bloggers.  However, if you still wish to provide a story, thought, poem or anything else you think could help others, please send them to me.  I will post it on this blog.  Thanks to all that are interested. 

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  • Pat

    I’m usually “too” honest with folks about all of this… so I hesitated responding when I first saw the request. However, there sure are a lot of topics/thoughts I’d love to pose here. I often wonder if any of you are thinking some of the same insane things I think of all of the time….ya know?

    If needed, I would certainly be willing to offer up what might be a different perspective than some have on things. I was “off the wall” and “outside the norm” before Graham passed and these thoughts have only gotten father off the mark since he left.

    I look forward to seeing what folks have to say. Let’s up the traffic here…. it’s just been too quiet and can really be a downer when weeks go by and nobody says a word. Anyone else feel the same way?

    as far as a get together….I live in Vail…skiing is just up the road (2 miles)…. I know we are scattered all over the country..but….hey…. just a thought….

    thanks for the place to let it all out, Kelly….


  • Jonathan Gray

    Hey Kelly (I was previously using the alias “Nanjahot” on facebook). I’d like to give it a shot…I’m 10 months in as of yesterday/today/tomorrow. Don’t have a blog yet, but am going to start trying. Should I just e-mail you what I write? It might not be good, I dunno, so feel free to use it or not, no prob. Thanks.

  • Kelly–seems like you have more than a few takers here….that’s good! As you knwow, it’s important to share–leads to healing. I’m open to posting if you need someone. We still need to get together too.

  • I’d be willing to write a post or two.


    • Grieving Dads

      Jim – Thank you for your willingness to provide a post or two. Its good for others to hear the perspective from someone else.

      I will email you.


  • Tony

    I have never blogged but have been told I should. My son just passed on may 23 this year. He was in the marines and committed suicide at the young age of 19. im very open and honest about my feelings sometimes to much so.

    • Grieving Dads

      Tony – You should blog, it helps “get it out”. I will email you.



  • John McCaffrey

    Kelly, I would definitely be interested in doing a blog.
    The only thing that makes sense right now is talking about my son Kieran and the horror he must have experienced in his last few moments. Four and a half years later and we still don’t know what happened that night. I think talking about it and the need to help others who have lost a child IS the only thing that makes sense.
    Thanks, John

    • Grieving Dads

      Jack – i will email you. thank you for your interest.



    • Grieving Dads

      John – Talking about it and sharing your thoughts/emotions (all of them) over what you wnet through will help not only you, but others.

      Thanks for your interest. I will email you.



  • Jack gunter

    I lost my son in 2009 he was only 6 months when he passed. I am open and honest on how i feel

  • Michael Cherrone

    I’m not a blogger but I do journal. I am willing to share my Son, Landon’s Story with anyone that wants to hear it. He was born April 9th 2012 and passes away June 12th 2012. The time in between has been the highlight of my life. I would love to tell the world about our only child and the mixed bag of emotions in an accidental death.

    • Grieving Dads

      Michael – Thank you for your interest. I will email you to discuss being a guest blogger.



  • Hi, Kelly –

    I started a blog after my son Cameron died in 2008… brain cancer at age 13 (a high grade Anaplastic Astrocytoma). I have been on hiatus from writing for 3 years, trying to figure out who I am in the world now. Would like to pick it back up, now that I’ve figured a few things out, and I think this would give me the kick in the pants I need. I’m ready.

    See what you think. Hopefully you will find a unique perspective. Start here: http://notamourningperson.blogspot.com/2009/01/chapter-one-volume-2.html

    Thanks for giving us a voice, brother.


    • Grieving Dads

      Henry – It is my pleasure to provide a voice. I know I couldn’t find one when I needed support. This is my gift back to the bereaved parents and the people the helped me up on days I didn’t think it was possible.

      Thank you for you interest in being a quest blogger. I checked out your link above and the posting it took me to is exactly the type of style I am looking for on this blog. I love the honesty and directness of your words.

      I will send you an email to discuss the details of the blogging spot.