Some of you may have noticed that my activity on this blog was limited during the month of July. I have a good reason, I have been spending a lot of time redesigning a new Grieving Dads blog that will replace this one. It will still be located at the same domain and will be even more user-friendly. The transistion will occur by August 6th.  Thanks to all of you, I have outgrown this blog and will continue to develop even more resources to help the many grieving parents that visit this site.

Although I have been absent, I have been writing some great articles that I will be posting over the coming weeks.  I hope you will be able to relate with them on some level. I also have fantastic news regarding our efforts to amend the Family Medical Leave Act to include the death of a child. I will be sharing this news within the next week. I have missed all of you. Please stay tuned!

NOTE: Because of the transition, it was not possible to transfer all of the WordPress subscribers. All of the email subscribers will be transferred one by one. I say this so if you do not receive any blog posting notices within next week, please let me know or sign up again. Please let me know if you have any questions. Look forward to moving ahead with this blog.


Kelly Farley

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  • Mom4ever

    Awsome news. Go Kelly!

    Thanks so much Steven.

  • Steven stuart

    About time you big slacker. 😉

    I look forward to seeing your revamped site and hearing more thoughts and stories, and I especially am looking forward to hearing about the progress on FMLA!

    Also, I wanted to share something with everyone who checks-in here. I hope it makes sense and helps those who choose to read it.

    Take care,