The following poem was sent to me today by fellow grieving dad and friend Steven Stuart.  Steven lost his son Colin to SIDS on March 2.  Thank you to Steven for having the courage to write this poem to his son and for sharing it with other grieving dads.

“Daddy is Broken”

Where to start
What to say
My dearest Colin
Where are you today

My arms hold you not
My eyes no longer see
You are nowhere to be found
You are no longer with me

Dearest boy, I miss you so
Words escape me
Thoughts betray me
Daddy is broken
His soul torn apart
But you are forever in his heart
Colin Emanuel Stuart
January 2, 2011 – March 2, 2011
You are loved and missed my son!

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  • Steven,
    Your poem is beautiful and heartbreaking!
    I’m hoping for permission to use it in our June newsletter.

    Brief Encounters is a nonprofit, nonsectarian group for parents whose babies have died before, during, or after birth. Brief Encounters provides meetings in the greater Portland, Oregon area and local phone support. At informal, mutually supportive meetings, bereaved parents and their families share their stories, discuss issues that arise around pregnancy and infant loss, and remember their children. Through talking or just listening, we learn what grief is and how, through understanding and caring, we heal.

    If you have any questions please email me at

    Thank you!

    Viktoria Szupiany Brief Encounters Newsletter Editor

  • Dustin Duncan

    It does just, take all the life out of you, in my situation, I just do not understand. there is reason, but I have not found that reason. I have lost so many loved ones in the last 10 years, but to loose my Daughter and future Daughter-in-law at the same time, overwhelms me beyond belief. It is a very hard struggle every day.WHY? I am trying to survive. Dustin

  • Thelma Rusteberg

    It scares me how death scars and hurts people. I have been researching “grief” and found its enormity. I’ve always believed all people grieve differently I’m sure this is why support works so well because its an enormous never ending learning journey.
    Wish their was a “grievinghubby” site. To help a young man whose wife is taking her final breathes of long cancer illness!

  • Sondra sanders

    I have no words except I’m sorry. Glad you could express feelings through the poem. As someone who lost a grown child, I think it’s okay to cry too.

    • Steven Stuart


      Thanks for your response. It helps to know that people whom I have never met are often more willing to help make the days easier and the pain a bit more bearable. People like you help to restore my faith in humanity.

      Thank you