The following was recently sent to me from Thomas Calvert, a fellow grieving dad and friend. Thomas wrote this song for his son David. He asked me to share with everyone here at grieving dads blog. Thank you to Thomas for sharing this very special piece.

If I Could Write a Song

If I could write a song what lyrics could I use
To tell this ugly world the beauty I saw in you
How could I even sing of the graceful way you moved
If I could write a song I’m sure it would be blue
What melody would capture your shining inner-light
Would the bass notes reveal the darkness behind your eyes
Could the licks on the guitar show the tears we all have cried
If I could write a song it would be about your ride
A journey cut too short and a life with too much pain
I would give up my own life just to bring you back again
To give you one more chance at happiness and love
I pray to God each day you see me from above
If I could write a song I would tell of my nightmare
The one that’s haunted me since I found you laying there
No father should have to see the image in my head
No father should ever see his own son lying dead

Written 06/12/2010 by: Thomas Patrick Calvert

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  • Rosemary Dampier

    My brother Thomas Patrick Calvert passed away on Oct. 8, 2011 of a broken heart. Ever since David passed, all Tom has wanted to do is be with his son again. Now they are together. Although he will be missed here on earth, I take great comfort in knowing that father and son have again been united and their pain and suffering is no more.

    • Rosemary,

      I am very sorry to hear about the passing of Thomas. I know he was really stuggleing with the death of his son David. I wish I could of helped him more. I am glad you find comfort in knowing he is finally with his son.

      Please let me know if there is anything I can do.



  • Geocat14

    I too misses my daughter. She died November last year because of a disease. And it’s just so hard. She just had her birthday March 16, she always wanted to be six but wasn’t able to make it. Now, four months after; I still feel lost. I really miss her.

  • Victor,

    I am very sorry for the death of your son Victor Justin. I know you miss him.

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Victor

    it’s been almost 2 years since my son Victor Justin died of still unknown disease. and like most grieving dads around the world, i’m still grappling with grief. there are some good days but mostly bad days. I miss my son terribly.

  • Ed Mann

    Well said…