I received a list of 31 “Trusims About Grief” from another grieving dad and friend I met as part of this grieving dads project.  I plan on posting a new one every couple of days so make sure to check back.  I met Charlie on my trip to Buffalo where I interviewed him as part of this project.  He provides great insight into what he learned on his grief journey.  Very good stuff, enjoy.

Heidi was a vibrant, talented, aspiring actress when she was diagnosed with leukemia at age 18.  She spent 2 ½ years showing Diane, my wife, our other 3 daughters, and the world that dealing with cancer can be heroic and done with class, grace, dignity and beauty.  She died in our arms, at home.  During my journey of grief, many of life’s lessons have become quite clear to me.  Here is one of them.

2.  Saying good night rather than good-bye makes sense to us now.  Good-byes are never easy, in almost any context.  During Diane’s journey of grief she has found a song that makes this distinction.  We like the connotation of saying good night to Heidi, knowing that we will be with her in the morning.  In fact, we said good night to her when she died.

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