I received this poem from a Ed Mann.  Ed is a grieving dad that lost his son to suicide.  Thank you to Ed for sharing another one of your poems.

Who Were You Then
By Ed Mann
Didn’t I see you laughing,
not that long ago?
Your eyes were bright, you took delight
your spirit was aglow
Weren’t you the one I saw dancing
beneath the summer sun?
Light on your feet, you beat the heat
by staying on the run
Didn’t I hear you reciting
sonnets for your love?
Your words rang true, with feelings you knew
your soul did rise above
Weren’t you the one I saw playing,
upon the gilded stage?
The role you had was not so sad,
in life you were engaged
But now you’re gone and I muddle on
Wondering who you were
A teacher or a student
A devil or a saint
Or just another human being
railing against your fate
But missing you is what I do
while I connect the clues
Why some know strife
then take their life
instead of breaking through
And I pray that now you see
that there was another way
because hope outshines the madness
and always wins the day

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  • I read this just after I saw the interview with Cameron and Fiona Bruce. Oh the irony! Cameron says all the right things.. he makes promises and looks so earnest… ‘going to expand the talking therapies’ he says… ‘Money in the budget for this’ he pledges. whilst I wait anxiously to find out if Bucks CC have decided to COMPLETELY cut the funding for the Time To Talk counselling service I work for, supporting young people from 11 – 25 years of age with mental health issues across the whole of Buckinghamshire. Of course he’ll wriggle out by saying it’s the decision of the local authorities to manage their budgets… which if ever was a way of passing the buck, this is it. We need a vote of no confidence for this ‘leader’ who increasingly looks to me like the emperor wearing no clothes. Well done to Fiona Bruce for challenging the lack of care.
    RIP Ed Mann’s wonderful son and all the other young people who have taken their lives after being given a strip of pills and a couple of websites instead of being given the opportunity to connect with a fellow human being who will listen, respect and stay close to them whilst they move through whatever emotional storm they are dealing with.