The following is a poem/writing I received from a dear friend and angel that helped me through my dark journey after the loss of my son Noah.  Even though she herself was dealing with her battle with breast cancer, she was always there to reach out and listen.  As a grieving dad, she taught me how to grieve and heal.  She taught me how to listen and be there for others in need.  Not to run from the unknown because of our own fears, but to be there, even in silence for others that just need to talk.  She taught me that you dont have to fix peoples problems, just help them carry them until they are again strong enough to carry them on their own.  Lynda lost her battle to breast cancer in December 2009.  Rest in peace Lynda, I miss you.

  Life brings to each of us a time for quite reflection

Pain and loss touches the very essence of our existence

We look for the pain to end and answers to our questions

But pain does not end quickly and answers do not always come upon request.

In time, we find our way and are more able to participate in joy

For in the pain of our sorrow are the seeds of our growth

As the winter garden rests for the spring bloom

We too must wait in our winter knowing that our spring will also come. – Lynda McKay

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  • Very rarely does a poem or post bring a tear to my eye…but this one did…it was a tear of celebration for the gift of your dear friend and her words of inspiration…thanks for sharing this.