This is officially my first posting to my blog.  I hope you will continue to check back from time to time.  I will be posting stories from bereaved father’s from all over the world that have found my project while looking for the support that all grieving dads are looking for.

I promise the stories you will find here will not only break you heart, but will also inspire you and shed some light on what men deal with after the loss of a child.  You may be surprised how forthcoming and honest many of these men are with their grief.

Stay tuned!!!

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  • Alex Goins

    Hi Kelly,

    My wife and I just lost our little girl yesterday (May 16th). Today I’d my birthday, and ironically, these posts started on May 17th. I just recently discovered this website because I am going through immense grief. I hope that this website can help.

  • Sean Mcclure

    Kelly I have also lost a child, in January of 2017. I have been thinking about starting a foundation that would benefit others, but wasn’t sure about what to do until God opened my eyes this evening. God wants to use me, and a foundation to help reach fathers who lose their babies. I want to start a foundation that is perfectly in line with what you do on grieving dads. Please reach out to me so that we can have a discussion. Thank you for your time!