I received this poem from a Ed Mann.  Ed is a grieving dad that lost his son to suicide. Thank you to Ed for sharing this poem.

August Storm

The sun burns hot above

melting dreams like golden love

Try your best to sing and laugh,

to make a perfect photograph


Soak up life and live the dream

Who cares what tomorrow brings

A brand new moon and its time to play

Drum circles on so jump in the fray


Then an August storm blew you away

You couldnt face another day

Once seeking friends so dear

And now youre no where near


You needed to be outside,

open up your eyes so wide

Beg for laughter, kill the pain,

let tomorrow vanish rain


Dark clouds, looming gray,

made it hard to see your way

A simple knot – not a hangmans noose

But we still cant seem to cut you loose


An August storm, a wake up call

Seems surreal but its not at all

A rolling thunder before the fall

A fit of rage that stunned us all


We lost you in an August storm

A love so bold, forever torn

Ripped away, left you hanging there

Feeling lost, thinking no one cared


Choices ancient, decisions bold

A leap of faith into the great unknown

Erased a love youll never know

had you decided not to go


An August storm I can’t forget

Love lost and full of regret

An August storm is raining down

Buckets of tears falling all around


Now your skies so dark have cleared

But where do we go from here?

No good-byes for all to hear

Just memories held so dear

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  • Steve Carosella

    This poem has once again brought the horror and reality of daily life to the forefront.
    Our storm was also in August – a death due to an accidental overdose, while in the company of a “friend” who wouldn’t call for help.
    Beautiful heart wrenching poem.
    I wish you peace and acceptance.

    • Steve,

      I am so very sorry to hear about the loss of your child. Through this project I have heard so many tragic stories like yours. You are correct when you say the “reality” of daily life. There are a lot more dads out there than most people realize that live with the reality of the loss of a child. It changes all aspects of your life.

      Stop by here anytime. Feel free to drop me a line if you ever need to talk.